Partita prima della pesca 120x185 (47x73) olio su legno HD


The drawing portrays a woman named Debora seated on a comfortable chair or bench, fully immersed in a moment of serenity. Just as in my other works, the focus is firmly on the human figure. Her pose exudes serenity, tranquility, and relaxation, creating a profound sense of pleasure and calm.

In her hand, she gently cradles a beverage, a symbol of her pause from the hustle and bustle of life. Her gaze is directed towards something that has piqued her interest, adding a touch of intrigue to the composition. Through this drawing, I aim to capture the essence of the human experience – those quiet moments of respite, where the world slows down, and we find solace and contentment in the simple act of being.

Ink on paper
Cm 21(w) x 25(h)

Il cuoco di successo
La prof cicciotta


In my sketches, as in all my other works, the human being takes center stage. However, these sketches are distinctly focused on individual figures, each unique in their own right, representing various genders, ages, and professions. What unites them all is the pose – always seated and relaxed.

These sketches consistently convey a profound sense of calm and relaxation. They capture the universal experience of finding solace in a moment of reprieve, regardless of the individual’s background or circumstances. Through these depictions, I aim to highlight the beauty of serenity and the quiet moments that connect us all, transcending our differences and reminding us of our shared humanity.

Partita prima della pesca 120x185 (47x73) olio su legno HD

Il Giornale

In this particular sketch, we find a middle-aged gentleman, comfortably seated in a chair or an armchair, deeply engrossed in the act of perusing a newspaper. The scene exudes a palpable sense of tranquility, as he immerses himself in the printed words before him.

As his eyes gracefully move from one column to another, a gentle smile plays upon his lips, suggesting an intriguing narrative of the story unfolding on the pages. The warm, soft lighting bathes the room, casting a soothing glow upon the scene, and the ambiance seems to cocoon him in a world of peaceful reflection.

This sketch captures the timeless pleasure of reading, a moment of respite from the demands of the day, where the mind finds solace and enrichment in the written word. It invites the viewer to appreciate the serenity and simple joys that can be found in the everyday, ordinary moments of life, making the act of reading a profound meditation in this tranquil tableau.

Ink on Paper
Cm 21 (w) x 26 (h)

Partita prima della pesca 120x185 (47x73) olio su legno HD

Un bicchierino

“In the amusing sketch titled ‘A Little Tipple,’ the subject is depicted facing the observer, seated, and immersed in a scenario that hints at an intriguing narrative. The man portrayed is sound asleep, evidently having indulged a bit too much in alcohol, as evidenced by the empty bottles strewn around him.

The scene exudes a sense of comedy, and the subject appears to have crossed the threshold between merriment and deep slumber due to his libations. It’s a playful exploration of the consequences of overindulgence, captured in a lighthearted and humorous manner, inviting viewers to find amusement in the human experiences that unite us all.”

Oil on Canvas
Cm 120 (w) x 74 (h)

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