My works reflect the joie de vivre and the search for a happiness which becomes an inner experience

Relax tennis dopo torneo - Mixed Techniques - Isabella Monari
Partita Spiaggia Olio su Legno Isabella Monari


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My enthusiasm in capturing the human spirit is reflected in my special ability to interpret and create these moments like brilliant snapshots

I am an artist who finds joy in exploring the textures of various canvases, with a special fondness for the unique texture and character that wood brings to my creations.

My art is an expression of life’s most captivating moments, encapsulating scenes of athletic pursuits and human interactions, all under the lens of serenity, happiness, and dream-like tranquility.
The vitality and motion inherent in sports, as well as the raw emotion and connection found in human interaction, provide endless inspiration for my pieces.

In my work, I aim to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making extensive use of warm hues and vibrant colors that evoke an array of positive emotions. My art is not just about the aesthetic; it’s about evoking feelings of joy, peace, and positivity, thereby offering an escape into a world of warmth, serenity, and happiness.

Each stroke I make is not just a layer of color on a canvas; it is a representation of my heart’s deepest feelings and an invitation to the viewer to share in the positivity and joy encapsulated within each piece.

The finished works are not just paintings; they are windows into dreamlike scenes filled with warmth and contentment, a testament to the beauty and joy that life has to offer.

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