Partita prima della pesca 120x185 (47x73) olio su legno HD

Fuga dall’Eternit√†

This painting, a blend of oil and acrylic on wood, explores a distinctive theme that seamlessly bridges the classical and contemporary art worlds. Within this piece, two iconic figures from Michelangelo’s ‘The Last Judgment’ step out of their traditional realm and find themselves in a state of bewildered dislocation within a modern art gallery. As always, the human element is at the heart of the composition, but with a unique twist.

Human interaction remains a central focus, yet it is illuminated from contrasting perspectives. On one hand, we witness the curiosity and disorientation of the two central figures as they grapple with the abrupt transition into an unfamiliar era of art. Their expressions mirror the perplexity and questioning of the old confronting the new, symbolizing the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression and its capacity to confound and astonish.

On the other side of the canvas, a stark contrast emerges as the visitors to the contemporary art museum appear almost entirely indifferent to the extraordinary spectacle before them. Their apparent lack of awareness, or perhaps a deliberate pretense of ignorance, serves as a commentary on the modern viewer’s relationship with art. It raises questions about whether we, as a society, fully appreciate the rich tapestry of art’s history or remain caught up in the incessant flow of the present.

In this captivating work, the interplay between past and present, curiosity and indifference, creates a thought-provoking narrative that invites viewers to reflect upon the ever-evolving dialogue between tradition and innovation in the world of ar

Oil and acrylic on wood
Cm 150(w) x 70(h)

Ricerca del futuro

Mixed Techniques

There is a profound reason in Isabella Monari’s choice to paint her subjects in oil on panel – explains Caterina Napoleone, curator of the exhibition – the wood grain is an integral part – often left exposed – in the atmospheric rendering of her paintings that transfigure an imaginary objectivity into a terse light – an inner light, at times exuberant and passionate in its bright colors – that invests, and modulates in chiaroscuro, the figures in the references of their gestures.” “The wood becomes an integral part of the scene,” the artist points out, “and binds to the people (in fact, some of the clothes are left ‘in wood’ and are not painted): a technique to create greater harmony between background and characters.”

Partita prima della pesca 120x185 (47x73) olio su legno HD


The painting aptly titled ‘Corleone,’ inspired by the renowned Sicilian city famously associated with the iconic Mafia family in ‘The Godfather,’ offers a fresh perspective on the everyday, capturing the essence of human interaction while celebrating the vivid interplay of forms and colors. Here, as in my previous works, the use of wood as both canvas and an integral component of the depicted scene becomes a striking feature.

In ‘Corleone,’ the canvas breathes life into a slice of daily existence, where individuals engage in casual conversations, share laughter, smoke, and engage in card games. The warm, earthy tones of the wood background meld harmoniously with the vibrant hues of the characters and their activities, creating a dynamic yet grounded tableau.

This painting delves into the heart of human connection, capturing the camaraderie and shared moments that define our lives. It’s a tribute to the enduring strength of community and the vibrant tapestry of relationships that flourish amidst the everyday. Through the innovative use of wood and the striking interplay of colors, ‘Corleone’ not only pays homage to the city’s cinematic legacy but also reflects the depth and richness of human interaction in all its diverse and captivating forms

Oil and acrylic on wood
Cm 90 (w) x 90 (h)

Partita prima della pesca 120x185 (47x73) olio su legno HD

Passione Cioccolato

“In this captivating artwork, titled ‘The Chocolate Pastry Contest,’ a bustling scene unfolds within a pastry competition where several chefs are passionately engaged in the art of crafting chocolate desserts. Each chef is immersed in a unique action, bringing a vibrant sense of life to the canvas.

As the eye explores the composition, one may notice a chef delicately putting the finishing touches on a decadent chocolate creation, their concentration and precision evident in every movement. Nearby, another chef watches with evident satisfaction as their masterpiece comes to life, basking in the satisfaction of culinary creativity.

Conversations abound in the bustling atmosphere: one chef animatedly discusses their dessert with the judges, their enthusiasm palpable, while another engages in lively banter with fellow chefs, sharing insights and laughter. The rich tapestry of human interaction and collaboration is beautifully portrayed, capturing the camaraderie and shared passion of these culinary artists.

What sets this painting apart is the seamless fusion of wood as both canvas and an integral part of the composition. The wood’s natural warmth and texture harmonize with the rich browns and velvety cocoa shades of the chocolate, making it not just a backdrop but an essential element in the creation

Oil and acrylic on wood
Cm 125 (w) x 111 (h)

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